Legal Assistant’s Corner: We Do Know What We Know

Just one of the visitors of my prior posting commented: “When I will not know almost everything, I do know what I know.” Inspite of my admission that authorized assistants will not know almost everything connected to law, there are situations in which we do know almost everything.

Authorized assistants are the detailers of the authorized profession. We make the attorney’s vision of their answer to a client’s trouble appear to fruition. We get ‘er performed.

Quite a few lawyers only have an understanding of their aspect in the course of action, e.g., doling out authorized tips to the customer, representing the customer in courtroom, and wording documentation to finest symbolize the customer, and so forth. nonetheless, they will not generally have an understanding of the specifics of the course of action these types of as suitable formatting/dissemination of documentation, which documentation would be most successful to provide the client’s needs, and so on.

On the flip facet of this equation is the client’s misunderstanding of a authorized assistant’s role in their case. Clientele usually only look at us road blocks by questioning us, our understanding, and our procedures – they will in some cases even flat out argue with us. We just take into thought that you’re passionate about your case and want it performed how you want it performed nonetheless, what you may watch as a easy straight line from A to B basically involves detours via A(one), A(two), A(three), and so on.

You have entrusted the lawyer you hired to symbolize you to the finest of their means. The lawyer has entrusted the authorized assistant(s) they hired to assist them attain their stop objectives. Authorized assistants are frequently honing their crimson tape slicing capabilities to a high-quality edge and, although unique procedures may change from business office to business office, we all know what we are performing… at the very least most of the time.